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Two Very Different But Very Awesome Movies I Can’t Wait To See

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Holy Motors is out already, Pain & Gain isn’t out til April 2013.  Both look awwwweeesommmme.





All Gold Everything – Old News, I Know, BUT:

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So I’ve watched this video about a hundred times, and the parts I keep going back for are the following: the tiniest puppy ever yawning at 1:06, TJ’s shirtless strutting at 1:26 and 1:53, walking out of the house in full panda mask at 1:34, and of course the “pretty princess / hands under chin / showcase” pose at 2:38.



Yeah, thats all guys.  Hey thanks.


KFC Opens Skatepark down the Street from Kissing Contest Studios!

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“God, I love Bed-Stuy.”

-Former Guest Host Zach

Picture Courtesy of Former Guest Host Trevor.

Episode 114

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Movie News, our favorite places from TV and movies that we would like to hang out at and a fully loaded snaxchat. We also set up a special Movie Hostage for next episode sponsored by

direct dl:

Ghoul PhD Josh Interviews Tim Heidecker and Rick Alverson

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Former (and future???) guest Josh did a really good interview w/ the guys behind a movie that I (Sawyer) am really looking forward to seeing, The Comedy, over at Twitchfilm.  Link below.


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Episode 108

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Episode 107 Visual Accompanyment

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hey gang, you downloaded episode 107 right? Want to see some of the stuff we speak on in it?

here is the one photo of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula that exists on the internet apparently, and of course hes in full perv mode.

also, here’s a gawker article pretty much saying what we’re saying: this whole thing still doesn’t really make sense.

kenan back at it with the steve harvey.

and now, our worst movie foods. *spoiler alert*


doan’s (in no particular order as usual):

and for everyone to lazy to listen to this episode to find out what was in doan’s prize package from lays, i’m going to post a pic on monday. was it a contract to be a new flavor maker? was it $1 million dollars? a bag of crumbs? listen to episode 107 if you cant wait!


Welcome To The Sub-Sub-Basement Of Horror And Sexy Vibes

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Guest Shelby’s Stuff

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Hey did you like Shelby’s special crossover appearance on episode 106? Do you want to hear him speak more about stuff? Or maybe make the darkest of the metal?

Here’s his show:

And here be his band that is actually good (not just saying that being real here):


— > <> ^ N

A Very Questionably Young Brooke Shields Smokes Some Shit With HR

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This picture is just awesome layered on awesome. Shut up Dr. Hansen, I didn’t mean it that way. Also most of the internet saw this days ago, but maybe you were on vacation.


Van Damme In Mortal Kombat: Bloodsport Edition

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That pretty much says it all.  I don’t even like Bloodsport or Video Games all that much, and this is pretty sweet.  Mike must be all fogged up in the lenses.  Thanks to Scot King Of The Internet for placing this before my eyes on our de facto messageboard,




Episode 105

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Fall Television Preview AKA 23 reasons why you should never watch Network television shows again.  Oh and Sawyer is back so no more talk about goddamned food.  Love you.  I would also like to congratulate Mike on some truly awesome cover art.

direct dl:

“Wake In Fright” – OG Aussie Hard-Assed Man / Ghoul / Awesome Shit

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I’ve never seen this so the Hard-Assed Man part may be a bit of a stretch, but without a question there are no sweet boys or even darling boys, as Mike coined this Australian fellow recently.  This looks super awesome and hopefully I’ll be able to catch it in a theater sometime.




DMX Uses Google For The First Time Ever, Does So Highly Uh…”Caffeinated”

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I’m no doctor, but Earl just might be fully loaded off that white.  Thanks to listener Dave for putting this in front of my eyes.  Good morning and Jah Bless.

Oh and blame Power 105 hating WordPress and making this un-embedable.


Awesome Warchild Video With A Whole Bunch of Shots from HAUSU

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It’s a Facebook video so I don’t think I can embed it here, but it’s awesome, so hit the link and go watch it.  As you may or may not recall from an old Episode, this is one of Mike’s favorite movies and also a favorite of past guest Apple.  I was not as down for it as they are, but at least this video and song are awesome.



Hey Did You Know The Internet Has Hilarious Pictures Of Cats? (Black Metal Version)

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In The Words Of Mike Cheese: “The True King Of New York, The Ol’ Dirty Bastard”

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Some dude got ahold of The ODB’s entire FBI file.  Excerpts published at Gawker, full thing here.  It’s obviously dry at parts because it’s 94 pages long and its written by the FBI, but it’s pretty awesome the dude bothered to file a Freedom Of Information Act request to get ahold of it.

Or you can just go the slightly lazier route and read the summary at Gawker, seeing as thats where I stole this from anyway.

Also: nice spelling on “indite”, FBI.


Episode 104 Stuff

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hey, if  you’ve listened to episode 104, are listening to episode 104, or just want a sample of what episode 104 is all about, here is some shit.

in case you havent seen it yet, here is the “trailer” for “the innocence of muslims” which still has people storming embassies and getting angry as fuck at…the united states? doesnt the overall poor quality of this tip them off that maybe they shouldnt be getting so upset? i dont know, my 2 cents:

here be some live footage from a performance of “jeff wayne’s musical version of war of the worlds” which is just as we suspected, super 70’s, and super prog-rocky. and of course it’s british:

and just so it’s not a spoiler, here are our entries for our favorite movie food, in link form.


dylan’s (which were in no particular order):

get well king!

— dylan dog

Episode 103

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“In this episode, Sawyer discusses why he gets raging hard-ons while creeping on girls on the subway.”


Now that Mike’s libelous slander is out of the way, what we actually talk about in Episode 103 is some movie news featuring some realllll embarrassing shit for Bruce Willis.  We follow that with our monthly movie preview, taking a peak at what will be hitting theaters in the month of October.  The episode is closed out with a Movie Hostage Extreme matchup of “Pajama Party” and “Vengeance.”

get in touch: or @kissingcontest on Twitter.

Direct Download:


Sawyer’s Little “Chattin’ About Trailers” Corner Of Fun

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“This Must Be The Place”

This must be the movie that I truly thought was going to be dogshit but actually looks pretty incredible.  Ignore all the previous snark (included content on our show) and watch this.



“Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”

It’s cool that the other sexy lady that everyone forgot about from Quantum Of Solace cause she was out sexy-ed by sexy lady #1 is in a movie again.  Renner however, is straight fucking up.  I’ll be Producer Doan can’t wait to see this though!




It’s also pretty cool that someone out there with some money decided a good thing to do would be to wait until Taken 2 was gonna come out and then release a totally stupid and halfass version.  This feels like the straight to DVD version that company Mike is always talking about would make, like Transmorphers.  Nicolas Cage is like the worst cheating lover ever who sometimes just makes you amazing strawberry rhubarb pie right after giving you the most amazing mouth screw ever.  So you want to never talk to him again, but you keep giving him a chance.  Fuck.



The Magic Of The All Around Wonderful OJ Simpson

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Oregon Duck Gangam Style Parody (for those that listened through end of Ep. 102)

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Gangam Style is the biggest song in the world right now.  We closed out Episode 102 with a version of it mashed up with a Nicki Minaj song.   I (Sawyer) chose said mashup because I knew it would annoy mike massively.  But the original song and video are incredible, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can do so HERE.


The Oregon duck made a pretty sweet parody video to pump everyone up on the coming year of COLLEGE SPORTS, and hey, there are Oregon cheerleaders in it too.  What more do you want.




“The Iceman” Trailer – Allow Your Michael Shannon Boner to Grow, Grow, Grow

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God I love this dude.  And Chris Evans!  Hey why not, Liotta too! And you even know for sure James Franco gets killed!  Cannot wait for this movie.



It’s Probably Possible To Love “Drive” A Little TOO Much

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This kid either has not enough or too many bullies in his school.   Someone should regulate bully-balance so the appropriate number of swirlies are given out and we can avoid this sort of thing.


Stolen From Deadspin, Yet Again:

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You should read this.  It’s awesome.  That’s all.

“How Joe Redner Invented The Lap Dance, Built A Strip-Club Empire, Became A Model Citizen, Fought For Your Rights, And Beat Cancer”


Vegetarian Cannibal – Total False Advertising

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I’d really hoped this was going to be about some vegetarians that start eating people but no, it’s some Serbian Film shit but from a different country.  Mike’s ghoul boner is likely at half mast already.


From Twitchfilm:

Laced with explicit sex, late term abortions and animal violence Branko Schmidt’s new Croatian effort Vegetarian Cannibalmay very well be this year’s A Serbian Film in terms of its willingness to push hot button topics to the extreme in the name of social commentary.

Cineuropa describes the story like this:

Dr Danko Babić (Rene Bitorajac) is a successful gynecologist in his mid-30s. Although clearly an expert in his field, he is an unscrupulously ambitious and utterly despicable person. Babić’s best friend is chief police inspector Ilija (Leon Lučev), with whom he takes part in sport-betting scams, and who leads him to ‘controversial businessman’ Jedinko (Emir Hadžihafizbegović). Jedinko deals in hard drugs and high-end prostitution (naturally, with police support), and needs a gynecologist to take care of his ’employees’, meaning doing illegal abortions for the pros. It all represents government, organized crime and corruption working hand-in-hand, typical of Croatian society.

A multiple award winner at the Pula Film Festival – where it took both best director and best actor prizes, among others – the trailer for this one is gritty, nasty stuff. Check it below.


Advertising Does Not Get Better Than This

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It’s old news all over the internet today, but it was a transcendent moment when Ghoul PhD Josh sent me this yesterday morning.


A Few Moments From Episode 101 Before It Goes Up Tonight:

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Regarding “Real Vampire Housewives” – Metta World Peace’s previous artistic endeavor: Ron Artest, Chanteur. I truly love this song without a hint of irony.



I got talked over by the dickhead twins, but I tried to reference this Louis CK bit which is one of my alltime favorite comedy bits regarding the works of Mark Twain.



Mike was very upset with Doan and I for not being familiar with this:



Lastly, Larry Motherfucking Dallas, Creepazoid Full Sequence:


Via Deadspin – RIP Tony Scott / I Too Love(d) “Enemy Of The State”

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Full article is copied below, or you can just go read it from the original Grierson & Leitch column over on Deadspin:


“In the reaction to the sudden death of Tony Scott, a quick consensus emerged: Scott was a more interesting director than he’d been given credit for throughout his career; Top Gun and his general style helped usher in the age of Michael Bay and Olivier Megaton-ism; and the one movie everyone could agree had Legitimate Critical Value was True Romance.

And I love True Romance as much as anybody does. It’s one of those appreciated-much-more-two-decades-later films, largely because it’s remembered as a Quentin Tarantino-by-association project. (Funny how Natural Born Killers is now just an Oliver Stone joint, and everyone has decided to forget the Destiny Turns On the Radiolet’s-all-indulge-Tarantino-and-pretend-he-can-act period.)

But for my money, the great Tony Scott film is Enemy of the State: a huge Hollywood hit, a scathing (and prescient) critique of government’s prying into the lives of their citizens, and, oh, by the way, a story featuring one of the most iconic characters in American cinematic history.

That would be Edward Lyle, played by Gene Hackman in what is clearly, deliberately meant to be a version of his notorious Harry Caul of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 film The Conversation, one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s very possible that Scott meant this to literally be the same character; someone in the Enemy of the State calls Lyle “Harry,” and his hideout/audio lab is strikingly similar to the one in Coppola’s film.

This is a daring move, to borrow the antihero of an art film and make him the supporting character in your Will Smith action movie 25 years later. But it works, because in the two films are about the same thing: The knowledge that everything in your life is accessible to anyone (particularly a government) willing to look hard enough, and the belief that the only logical response is to hide yourself in a dark, soundproof room. And even that probably won’t work.

It’s an even more salient point today than it was in 1974 and 1998. Enemy of the State is about a lawyer (played by Smith right as he was taking off to become the biggest movie star on earth) who unwittingly comes into possession of a microchip containing proof that shady governmental folks murdered a senator (Jason Robards) who was voting against a bill that would give the government more surveillance powers. Smith ends up on the run, tracked by a team of young computer nerds (who are played by a consortium of up-and-comers including Jack Black, Jason Lee [Correction: Jason Lee played a victim of the NSA in the movie], and Jamie Kennedy).

Then Smith comes across Lyle/Caul, a former surveillance expert who helps him escape while dealing with his own fears and the sort of issues that will happen when you believe the government has been trying to kill you for almost three decades.

Scott’s film is far more whiz-bang than Coppola’s, but it taps into the paranoia almost as well as Coppola did, thanks to Scott’s inherent propensity for manic cross-cutting and hundreds of different angles, seemingly all at once. Whereas Coppola conveyed paranoia through silence and space, Scott makes it clear that at all times, from every possible perspective, you’re being watched. The way Scott shows Constant Surveillance is not all that different deom what I always sort of imagined was going on in Harry Caul’s mind in The Conversation: Outside was quiet, but inside was madness.

The film doesn’t make any formal attempts at being “cerebral”; that was pretty much the opposite of Scott’s bag. It’s a dead sprint. Yet it’s certainly smart, while being propulsively entertaining. It wasn’t Scott’s goal to make any sort of statement about The Way We Live Now, but if you gave him the proper pieces and let him do his thing, the result was more than the sum of its parts. Tony Scott could make movies, man. With the right material, he could even make them great.”