Kissing Contest Vault Episode 2


Last week Sawyer was on that 24/7 paper chase and got stuck at work while Mike was on the verge of death thanks to a virus infecting his ghoul-circuits, so there wasn’t a new episode.  But what we DO have for you is the second ever episode of Kissing Contest from over 4 years ago, previously unavailable on the internet.  Rather than try to describe it ourselves, here’s Past Guest Host and King Of The Internet Scot’s review:

“Man… everything about this sounds so weird now.

It’s as if Sawyer was afraid his heart might stop if every sentence didn’t contain vulgarity but Mike also used to be so much more open to Sawyer’s random interjections and free associations. It borders on warmth and chemistry!

Like flowers growing on a dead body.”

GET IT: Direct / iTunes


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