Episode 130: Sawyer’s Supplemental Materials

I’m writing this very late in the game because I got all sorts of jammed up last week, so all I have to go off of is my notes from the episode.  Hope this somehow helps.




I guess we talked about Idiocracy again – we talk about it a whole lot, and by we I mean me.  Mostly as regards the increasingly frenzied rate at which we get closer to that being real life.


Mike and or Doan talked about the Nation Of Domination kid gif.  Here’s that:


Oh fuck, gross ass Kevin Ware’s leg injury


That sweet 1988 Gallery / SNL thing I bought some shit from and we talked about


Gross Brock Lesnar Hurting Neck Video


oh, this:


MJ, B or W? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_or_White


Awesome Nitrous Tank Kid and Confused Cops


I can’t read the rest of my notes.  Hey life’s short guys go roll a hoop down the street or something.


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