Episode 129: Sawyer’s Supplemental Materials

At the request of a listener, I’m going to finally start doing something I’ve always wanted to do but always been too lazy to do, which is to post links to some of the bullshit we talk about in each episode, and especially shit we recommend. In the interest of not burning myself out on this new goal, that’s it for flowery introductions.



Early in the episode, I yammer on about how Danny Boyle has made (almost) only good movies, and that Vincent Cassel is the man and is also in a ton of great shit.  From the Boyle canon, Shallow Grave is given heavy praise.

The breakdown of what we each want to see from the April Movie Preview.  It should be noted that for my choices, these are the movies I really really want to see.  As mentioned on the show, I’ll see most anything for the fuck of it – for example the only movies this month I WOULDN’T see are Lords Of Salem and The Big Wedding – and honestly, if I was bored enough, I’d probably go see those in theaters too.








And in case you wanted to check out the 2 movies we reviewed for MH2K this week but were too lazy for light googling, here they are.  They both received strong if not glowing recommendations from us.





If you found this remotely helpful, useful or otherwise worth reading, lemme know so I don’t get annoyed and stop doing them.


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