so in case you hadn’t been following or listened to episode 107 yet, producer doan entered the lay’s do us a flavor contest a month or so ago with some heavy hitting flavors, such as “chili town USA” (chili, cheese, and onion) and “wake up america needs you” (bacon, egg, cheese).

then, a couple of weeks ago, i got an email from some sort of sketchy looking contest company saying they were affiliated with the contest, asking for my name, address, etc., because, as they put it, i “may already be a winner.” so i said “fuck it” and filled it out.

then last week, this showed up:

what was in it? a contract to be an official lays flavor maker? a dvd inviting me to attend a press conference where they announce that im the new ceo of lays? $500? a bag of crumbs?

still too lazy to listen to episode 107?




clockwise: the padded envelope it came in (postmarked in young america, minnesota mind you), a coupon for a free bag of lays, a chip clip, a $50 visa gift card, and some legalese pamphlet.

so there it is folks. no contract offer, no new job, but hey, $50 and a free bag of chips! unless lays accesses all my private info and bank accounts, it’s a win right?

— doan chip


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