Episode 104 Stuff

hey, if  you’ve listened to episode 104, are listening to episode 104, or just want a sample of what episode 104 is all about, here is some shit.

in case you havent seen it yet, here is the “trailer” for “the innocence of muslims” which still has people storming embassies and getting angry as fuck at…the united states? doesnt the overall poor quality of this tip them off that maybe they shouldnt be getting so upset? i dont know, my 2 cents:

here be some live footage from a performance of “jeff wayne’s musical version of war of the worlds” which is just as we suspected, super 70’s, and super prog-rocky. and of course it’s british:

and just so it’s not a spoiler, here are our entries for our favorite movie food, in link form.


dylan’s (which were in no particular order):

get well king!

— dylan dog


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