Sawyer’s Little “Chattin’ About Trailers” Corner Of Fun

“This Must Be The Place”

This must be the movie that I truly thought was going to be dogshit but actually looks pretty incredible.  Ignore all the previous snark (included content on our show) and watch this.



“Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”

It’s cool that the other sexy lady that everyone forgot about from Quantum Of Solace cause she was out sexy-ed by sexy lady #1 is in a movie again.  Renner however, is straight fucking up.  I’ll be Producer Doan can’t wait to see this though!




It’s also pretty cool that someone out there with some money decided a good thing to do would be to wait until Taken 2 was gonna come out and then release a totally stupid and halfass version.  This feels like the straight to DVD version that company Mike is always talking about would make, like Transmorphers.  Nicolas Cage is like the worst cheating lover ever who sometimes just makes you amazing strawberry rhubarb pie right after giving you the most amazing mouth screw ever.  So you want to never talk to him again, but you keep giving him a chance.  Fuck.




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