As you may have heard, all three of the Kissing Contest bros will be going on a cross country journey this week. Doan and I (Mike) hope to find magical exotic snacks to talk about when we get back. Sawyer probably does not hope for this. I don’t know if we have listeners in the Southwest/East up to the Mid-South area but if we do, please check our Facebook as i’ll be updating it with where we’re at and asking for snack/fun stuff advice along the way.

UNFORTUNATELY, we’ve been working really hard to find something to put up on the podcast feed during the week of our absence as to not break our amazing streak of weekly episodes but everything is falling through. There’s still a glimmer of hope, but if late Thursday rolls around and there’s still nothing on our  feed, I would suggest listening to an old episode, such as Episode 23 with special guest Scot, King of the Internet. This is an old episode before a lot of people started listening to our podcast and it features one of our favorite people that we would have on every week if he didn’t live 300 miles away.

OR, as luck would have it, I (Mike again) will be on Junk Food Dinner Episode 118 this week talking about some ghoul shit like Nekromantik, Human Centipede 2 and The Bunny Game. New JFD’s usually drop on Wednesday or Thursdays so look out for it.

OK thanks for understanding, you’re the best.






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