Mexico Blvd.

as mentioned on this week’s episode during “mike and doan eat shit” i had a torta from mexico blvd. right here in new york city and as my coworker rich would put it, “shit was bangin”. honestly, sometimes a torta just doesnt sound filling but this thing was filling as hell, and the addition of jalapenos took it to possible out of bounds realm. highly recommended, and their chips & guacamole wasnt bad either. but honestly, how can you mess that up?….dont answer that.

check it out if youre in new york or ever find yourself here for some reason. i wouldnt put it at the top of your list if youre just here for a weekend or something, i mean, go check out katz’s or something, but if you see it walking down the street like i did, give it a whirl.

— dxb


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