ive been a lifelong wrestling fan honestly, since before i could remember. seriously the teddy bear i had as a kid was named teddy rockwell, apparently after some jobber the internet doesn’t even remember.
however, i will say that ive had my moments where i sort of fall out of love with wrestling. it could be a few months, maybe a few years, but i’ll just stop watching for one reason or the other, usually with absolutely no regrets.

this is one thing i regret. i don’t remember this ever happening and god i wish i was watching the day ted blessed the television universe with this. P calls bischoff “mr. eric” for pete’s sake. this is the purest of gold in my eyes.

P letting out the longest “UGH” ive ever heard P do. silkk there, c there. damn.

and im posting this based on the title alone i havent even watched it.

— frogbite


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