a while back i made the right choice and downloaded juicy j and lex luger’s “rubba band music vol. 2” and was introduced to the magical world of being trippy. i then remember looking online to see if juicy j sold the tshirt he was wearing in this pic, to find that he did indeed sell it on his site, which at the time only took orders via paypal with no real order form, and he was also selling a van on said site.

needless to say it looked a little too risky.

cut to now, and it looks like he and paul realized the error in their ways and thanks to a heads up on the defacto messageboard 518tourism.com, we have been introduced to three 6’s official merch site, dangerus skandulus, which might be in the running as having the best URL in 2012. on it they have all the “we trippy mane” merch you can imagine including that awesome styrofoam cup shown above, as well as “im geeked up” gear and much more stuff youd expect from these two awesome dudes. hell DJ paul, the dog you should not trust, has his own BBQ rub.

there is some great gear on there and it’s well worth your visit if youre at all into three 6, or getting trippy mane.

— dwayne


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