Sawyer & Dogbite Do The Christ Gethard Show

a few weeks back one-time-guest zach sent us an email telling us how our friends NJ punk band nightbirds were playing some public access show called the chris gethard show on a wednesday and they wanted their friends to come and mosh and things like that and needless to say, we both said “sure”.

now i’ve never heard of chris gethard, and im pretty sure sawyer hadnt either. i was expecting some sort of poor man’s wayne’s world, probably some dudes talking about punk or lord knows what, and we would be 2 of maybe 30 people there to just liven it up. but low and behold, it was like wayne’s world, but in all the good ways. the first thing that struck me was when a caller (they have callers! enough callers to fit a full hour or so show! one guy called from australia!) called and was like “oh hey chris congrats on the conan thing” and i was like “huh? conan?” apparently chris gethard has been appearing on “best up and coming” lists for a couple of years now, has gotten props from people like the before mentioned conan, jimmy fallon, and tina fey, and was a former SNL writer and UCB regular. maybe i don have my ear close enough to the comedy grindstone, but i was genuinely impressed by how naturally funny chris was without seeming to try too hard. hell people call him the “world’s nicest comedian” and he once had puff daddy on his show (as seen in the pic above).

in regards to the show itself, we all showed up thinking that it was going to be like fear on saturday night live and it kinda was until everyone realized that there really wasnt enough room to do much damage. there was a camera complete with a utility guy basically in the middle of the “dance floor”. there were people sitting either in seats or indian style on both sides of us, and because of how they have the show set up audio-wise, it was hard to hear the band. everything was mic’d for the show and not a live concert. so as you’ll see in the footage, people kinda go nuts a the beginnings of the songs/sets, but then it just kinda dies down to a lot of fist pumping. it was a show titled “how do girls work” and there was a panel of real live girls complete with one C who had to complain about all the moshing and be like “ill fight you blah blah blah”. lighten up lady.

all in all, going to the chris gethard show was probably one of the more pleasant surprises ive had in a long time. chris is funny, the show is funny, and hell it was all free. i dont know if you can just show up and be in the studio audience but it kind of appears that way, and they shoot every wednesday at 11pm at the MNN studio on 59th street between 10th and 11th ave. if you cant make it, they stream the show live every week, and they archive it on chris’s site.

here is the episode ive been talking about the whole time, and if you care, im wearing a red white and blue striped sweater with a bandana on my face, sawyer has a beard.

— dawg



2 Responses to “Sawyer & Dogbite Do The Christ Gethard Show”

  1. Adam Circumstance Says:

    I’ve known both Gethard brothers since my college years and love Night Birds, so it was cool to see the Kissing Contest guys cross over into that world. I agree with the Rosie O’Donnell girl being painfully unfunny. I was gonna ask you guys what you thought of the show, so I enjoyed reading this.

    Chris is hilarious though and it’s cool to see him getting so much attention lately. He just put out a book too:

    • Yea he was funny and it seems like its a cool show, esp when he has a less shitty panel. Well, at least a 1/4th less shitty panel.

      As I said on FB I’m bummed she was mic’d and we weren’t, cause the heckles and boo’s don’t come through as well. And all things considered we were SUPER well behaved, and it was pretty tame.

      Night Birds rule.


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