Kissing Contest’s Oscar Picks

in case you’re dense and decided not to listen to this week’s oscar episode, here are our picks for this sunday’s oscars. use them wisely.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Originoo Screenplay

  • Mike: Midnight in Paris
  • Sawyer: Margin Call
  • Doan: Da Artist

Best Director

  • Mike: The Artist
  • Sawyer: The Artist
  • Doan: The Artist

Best Supporting Actress

  • Mike: Octavia Spencer
  • Sawyer: Melissa “Molly” McCarthy
  • Doan: Octavia Spencer For Hire

Best Supporting Actor

  • Mike: Kenneth Branagh
  • Sawyer: Nick Nolte
  • Doan: Christopher Plummer

Best Actress

Best Actor

Best Picture

  • Mike: The Artist
  • Sawyer: The Artist
  • Doan: The Artists

don’t forget to follow us @jimpubes and @kissingcontest on oscar night for some witty insight and humor!

— dylan v. bite


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