Sawyer’s Notes On Episode 73

I can’t help but defend myself and also (not so) secretly try and insert myself (honk honk) into the episodes which I miss.  So, here are my notes on Episode 73.

-Thank you for taking my Episode 71 notes to heart by mentioning that Michael Lee from The Wire is in Red Tails.

-Mike and Baby Don clearly miss my BOOOOOOOOOM contributions when I’m gone, but this isn’t even a HOLLYWOOD INSIDER thing: a multi hyphenate is someone like Clint Eastwood, a writer-director-actor.  Note the multiple hyphens.  SIGH.

-I really enjoyed Mike’s breakdown of the Isaiah Washington slur situation on Grey’s anatomy.  “Some fag called another fag a fag.  Or no wait some black guy called a fag a fag.”  I think this tops any (alleged) insensitive moments I may have had on this show.

-Funny to hear them mention “FDR: American Badass” because I POSTED IT ON THIS FUCKING SITE WEEKS AGO.  But good call on FormerProducer Frank’s part- Leslie Neilsen would murder that part if he were still with us.

-Frank hating on The Crow soundtrack is just because he’s a little baby.  If he was our (myself, Don, Mike’s) age when it came out he would love it too.

-There are a ton more EZEC / UNDERWORLD posts, I’ll put them up separately.  It’s all gold.

-Also, the Crow is drastically better than any of the Underworld movies.

-Nice to see that even with TWO producers no one could clear up the fact that it has always been Kate Beckinsale in Underworld.

-I too have never seen Annie Hall.  Maybe we can have a nice little KC / AH party, once we get our Tree of Life scr Saw Marathon out of the way at least.


As much as I hate missing and Episode, I do love listening to them.  GOOD JOB GUYS SLASH FRANK I MISS YOU.


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