Sawyer’s Notes On Episode 71

While I always enjoy listening to the Episodes I miss when I’m out of town, and think Zacariah is an awesome addition to the show, there were some moments that really GROUND MY GEARS and some moments that I enjoyed so much I felt they warranted further discussion.  So here, in short, is my running commentary on Episode 71.  I know everyone is dying to hear it.  It would probably be more presentable if I’d taken timecode while listening, but too late now.


-While discussing CHRONICLE, not a single one of you mentioned that it starred Wallace from The Wire.  As certified white people, you should always reference any actor in any work as “____ from The Wire.”

SAFE HOUSE looks awesome and you are all dickheads.

-I laughed hard enough to literally choke on my tears during the discussion of THE VOW.

-Re: discussion of RAMPART- there is no such thing as TOO MANY Renegade Cop movies.  Even shitty ones are awesome.  For evidence of this, see DARK BLUE starring Kurt Russel.

-What the fuck is wrong with any of you that you saw The Phantom Menace more than once?  Did you all lose the same bet?

-Maybe Doan got extra loose on that Dogbite, but what the fuck is Wik-eee-pedia, and how did no one correct him?  Correcting another persons speaking, spelling or grammatical errors is one of the great joys in life.

-Producer Dogbite is on some serious misogynistic He-Man Woman-Haters shit during that Chelsea Handler discussion.  I walked by a construction site today and the steelworkers stopped cat-calling ladies on the street to let me know that it was upsetting even to them.

-Screw all three of you, I have no interest in seeing the stupid Amanda Seyfriend “someone took my sister why won’t you police believe me” movie.



OVERALL, 5 Star Episode, wish I had been there.


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