Former Guest Host and Ghoulbot PhD Josh’s Roundtable Interview with Werner Herzog


As mentioned in Episode 63, Josh participated in a roundtable interview with legendary director Werner Herzog to discuss his new movie “Into The Abyss.”  And as I also said on the show, even if you’re not the biggest Herzog fan ever, it makes for a really interesting read.  An excerpt from the interview is below, followed by a link to the whole thing.  Check it out.


Q: There’s so much empathy in the film- all of these characters are victims in one way or another. I was wondering if you could talk a bit about the process of creating empathy for a character who could be vilified in a knee-jerk kind of way?

WH: Well, there’s not great empathy with the perpetrators, for example. I tell Michael Perry, who is going to die in eight days, that I do not necessarily need to like him. And he accepts it. The film, of course, tries to look deep into the heart of everyone, and tries to look into the abysses of the human soul. And of course the film clearly has persons in it where you can tell how much I like them. For example, the young man who was stabbed with a screwdriver. He’s a hero, because he was under life threatening attack, in a fight. A friend of his throws him a knife, right at his feet, and he doesn’t pick it up. He looks at the knife and a flash of an idea comes through his mind, he wants to see his kids at night, and he doesn’t pick it up, so… I think this is really heroic, because it was not just a fight- he was stabbed with a 20 inch screwdriver all the way through his thorax.



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