Episode 63: Ghoul Chat!

This week on Kissing Contest we roll through some movie news, badger you about entering our awesome KISSING CONTEST CONTEST, and welcome special guest and Ghoul PhD Josh.  Josh and our resident Ghoul Mike have a frank and introspective discussion about what led them down the path to Ghoul Life, and why they feel they may not really be complete soulless monsters after all.  The notion that maybe they’re not Ghouls at all and Sawyer is just a big fat babby is also raised.  Finally we round out the episode with this weeks movie hostage battle featuring:




As mentioned on the show, Josh is all over the internets, make sure to check out all his stuff:

LitReactor, where he’s the Senior Editor – http://litreactor.com/

Twitch Film, where he’s a frequent contributor – http://twitchfilm.com/

The JamminJabber, where he runs the thing – http://thejamminjabber.com/

Don’t write us to pitch your movie for the KISSING CONTEST CONTEST or you know what, fuck it, just tell us some stuff about some stuff: kissingcontest666@gmail.com

Direct download for Episode 63: http://traffic.libsyn.com/contestkissing/KissingContestEP63.mp3

On iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/kissing-contest/id390568857


2 Responses to “Episode 63: Ghoul Chat!”

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  2. […] Episode 63 – https://kissingcontest.wordpress.com/2011/11/17/episode-63-ghoul-chat/ […]

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