calling all you young spielbug’s and bret ratners out there! do you have this generation’s “varsity blues” sitting in a notebook on your desk? or the perfect sequel to “commando” hiding in a secret folder on your computer? well if so, dust off that keyboard because kissing contest wants you!

Inspired by a “this american life” episode where people had 2 minutes to pitch their best ideas, kissing contest studios is asking you to pitch your best movie idea in 250-300 words, which is what the internet says is the average word count in a 2 minute speech. an original idea, a remake, a prequel, a sequel, whatever you want, you just gotta make us want to spend our fictional money to see this thing be made!

what’s in it for me you ask? well how about a gift card to fandango? a fake poster made of your movie? a sawfan tshirt? a chance to program a movie hostage? a chauffered ride to roll n roasters? and much much more!

so! if this is something that really tickles your fancy, send your movie pitch to by episode 69, which is roughly 10 weeks depending on the holidays. and then on episode 70, we will read all of the entries on the air and the kissing contest staff will vote to see who lives, who dies, and who will be crowned the victor of kissing contest’s contest.

we also would like to mention that we are putting some our own hard-earned money into this contest and we won’t be playing favorites as we really are curious to see what you’ve got to offer.

good luck, and happy writing!



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