A Visual Guide to Kissing Contest Episode 56

I’d like to do my best to put you in the studio with us – well, some of you.  Because the Kissing Copter is out of commission, sharing some images with you – both moving and still – seems to be the best way to do that.  Come sit in our laps, bathe in our souls, and uh…CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!  If you listened to the episode, this is what my note taking that was making Mike bug out was all for.


In order: “Diva…Hustla” Remix, Dude doing “Single Ladies” dance, picture of Geo Godley being a massive creep, the song from the end of “Disaster Movie”, Eddie Morra’s bad haircut in “Limtless”, Jackie Chain, Popeye’s Dip’n Chicken, and the picture I drew of Mike to keep him off my scent w/ the note taking.


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