“Oh, Albany…”

In 1985, William Kennedy, the Pulitzer Prize winning author and native of Albany, NY published what is generally accepted as the definitive history of the city in his book “O, Albany!” It’s a great read for anyone from the area, or anyone with an interest in the history of politics and industry in the Northeast throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, as there are no shortage of parallels between Albany and similar cities like Buffalo, NY, Worcester, MA and Hartford, CT.  You can get a used copy on amazon for $0.01 HERE.

As we’ve discussed on the show, I’m Albany born and bred, and after thorough research and digging in birth records, it turns out Mike was actually born and raised there too!  Having both spent a pretty giant chunk of our lives in Albany, NY, we have a deep and abiding love for both the city of Albany and the general Capital District.  That said, we both moved away and ended up in Brooklyn not totally by accident.  There are no shortage of people, places and things in Albany that make us sigh softly and shake our heads in combined pride/shame.

This is all yet another long winded piece of prologue on my part, as it introduces what will likely be a recurring series of posts on the site documenting some of these sort of moments.  That said, here’s the first glorious entry:





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