Antics Roadshow- Banksy TV Special

There was a time where I fully could not stand Banksy, but after some reflection time I realized that was because of the whole crop of people who got awful talky and preachy about graffiti after reading about some Banksy shit on the internet.  Stepping back from that annoyance, the dude is pretty awesome.  And while I’m personally all for graffiti strictly in the name of leaving your mark, and to an extent as vandalism for vandalism’s sake, I can definitely get behind the majority of what Banksy (seems to be) about.  One of the things I’ve really come to like about him is that it’s never totally clear exactly what his angle is.


That said, this TV special he put created actually has next to nothing to do with graffiti.  It’s a history of pranks and the people who pull them.  The full thing is up on youtube- it was on Channel 4 in England, but has yet to find US distribution.  Check it out below.  Well worth watching.  If you’re not dying by the time they get the the Frenchman who makes real life Pac-Man, I don’t know you.



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