Kissing Contest Listener 24 Hour Video Playlists: Scot King Of The Internet

Our 24 Hour Video Playlists in episodes 46-48 prompted a bit of discussion on our defacto messageboard ( over the last week or so, and some friends and listeners started posting their playlists, so I decided to post some here.  Below is Scot King Of The Internet’s list.  You may remember Scot as our guest on Episode 23 (  Here’s a little glimpse behind his eyes.  I am fully faithful that Mike rolled his eyes while reading that last sentence.



6am: Battle of the Planets – It will not hold up, but the theme song will fucking pound. It’s the first thing besides Sesame Street and Star Wars that I clearly recall loving.

6:30: Silver Spoons – The episode where Ricky adopts the punk rock lifestyle and demands to be called “The Ricker” although this half hour could possibly me pre-empted by my dad watching football.

7am: I will attempt to watch some Pinwheel. I will be jazzed about all the psychedelic foreign animation, but will be bored to literal anger during the Silas Snail / Plus and Minus / Coco the Mime puppet shit. Halfway through this viewing, my shitty cousin will come in with an entire box of Freihofer’s cookies and whipped cream and change the channel to Donald Duck Presents or Dumbo’s Circus which I will sit through for some reason.

8am: I will want to stay up late to watch the A-Team, but won’t be allowed. So instead we will fill this half-hour with either an episode of MASH or Quincy, which I watched every day after school.

9am: I would watch The Voyagers or The Wizard (the TV show with awesome british dwarf actor David Rappaport) here, but somehow I always seem to miss that, so instead I’ll watch Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins.

11am: I took the day off with a fake stomach ache, so let’s just watch some Press Your Luck.

11:30: Instead of watching Headbanger’s Ball, I am going to conserve time by watching Hard 30, which had less of Riki Rachtmann’s bullshit because it was just Adam Curry in a leather jacket introducing videos with an exploding greenscreen background. This show introduced me to Kreator, so together we will watch with intense hope that after this shitty Kingdom Come video, they’ll at least play Testament’s “The Ballad” but they probably won’t.

12pm: I don’t think this falls in the right spot chronologically, but the last cartoon I enjoyed with a child’s mind was The Galaxy Rangers, so let’s eat some gross lunch and check that shit out. We’ll watch the episode where Goose goes on some crazy flashback vision quest to learn about his background and I think he ends up with new powers.

12:30: Blind Fury – Don’t let Scott or Brian Satan fool you with their Bladerunner obsessions… this is Rutger Hauer’s career high point and the fastest way we can get our Rutger fix.

2pm: Unfortunately, we are now going to spend a bunch of brain power and resources trying to sneak into T2: Judgement day, but fail and end up sitting down to City Slickers 2. We can bail, though.

2:30: Oh I’m sorry, guys… but somewhere around this point in my life I really got into anime and was totally into Ranma 1/2 and shit… and I liked it watch it in bulk so I mean that’s what’s up for the next hour at least. But we can watch the One Grew Over The Kuno’s Nest OVA because that shit is off the hook.

3:30: I basically gave up on TV for a while. I don’t know if I watched any TV at all. I just watched samurai movies and anime and anything weird I could get from Super Video, but let’s take it easy and just watch Fargo instead… because that’s when I figured out that I’d always liked the Coen Bros.

5pm: Now we’ll watch Ravenous which is probably my favorite movie. WIkipedia says it’s 100 minutes, but I am rounding down to 90 because we can fast forward through a couple of the walking-around parts to save time for…

6:30: WWF Monday Night Raw. For about a year or two, my friends and I went to Garcia’s every single Monday and watched this and it was probably the last time in my life I was really tethered to TV in any way. We’ll watch the episode where Mankind broke character a little and called the Rock “Dwayne”. I think maybe it was after Mankind went did a “This Is Your Life” for the Rock and the Rock told him he didn’t want to be a team anymore. Anyway I almost cried that night.

8pm: We’re gonna watch my VHS of Emperor “Emperial Live Ceremony” and we’ll probably start a couple of bands

9pm: I’d say somewhere in here is when my DVD buying craze began and I started rounding up nostalgic gems and half-remembered favorites, but would often just watch the Star Wars movies over and over. Let’s spare ourselves that fate by watching Midnight Madness and Thank God It’s Friday back to back.

12:30am: Iron Chef, dawg… let’s do an episode where they make something that combines fish and watermelon. Holy shit. Hopefully it’s one that features The Ohta Faction or maybe Kandagawa his damn self.

1:30am: Somewhere in here, I started watching Adult Swim as one of the few activities that my girlfriend and I had in common. We’ll watch the episode of Sealab where the soda machine falls on Murphy and he gets addicted to scorpion poison.

2am: I think you need a break, so we can watch Grandma’s Boy.

3:30: Yikes we almost missed Burn Notice this week. We’ll watch “False Flag” because it had Xena in it being hella deceptive.

4:30: Rape Cops for sure. I don’t love this show, but I watch it so much. You could sub in Storage Wars or Top Chef, but I’m not gonna let you.

5:30: We’ll start watching Top Gear and fall asleep because that’s reality when you’re an old-ass man.


One Response to “Kissing Contest Listener 24 Hour Video Playlists: Scot King Of The Internet”

  1. good call on pinwheel. solid playlist all around.


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