Dickbags Tour Update #6: Wednesday 6/22 545pm

Well internet, it’s been quite a couple days since we last talked. After the Cincy show we (myself, Mike, Ryan, Joe Cams from Born Low, and former Albany native and current Kentuckian Mike Reiss) all met up with Kevin from Junk Food Dinner. The evening started in our Presidential Suite at the Quality Inn just north of the Mad Max/West Baltimore section of Cincy. We enjoyed a couple of Hudy’s, which was quickly added to “Sawyer’s Favorite Localized Shitty and/or Cheap Beers List.” Hudy Beer is now in the company of Olympia, Genny Cream, Hamm’s, Lone Star, and others.

Eventually we tired of the palatial splendor of our suite and decided to move the thinktank to Kevin’s place. If the Hudy’s weren’t enough to solidify Kevin as a friend to the cause (The Dickbags Agenda), the moment he put on the Best Of Bone Thugs LP and broke out some sort of weed zeppelin, the issue was removed from debate.

I also mind melded with a lab puppy so now were boys for life. The dog and I, I mean. But even without the mind meld, thanks to kevin for one of the best nights of tour so far.

Next was Pekin, Illinois. I treated myself to a haircut at Master Clips while they got the oil changed on the van, and am now feeling lovely.

The show was at a sports dome which was pretty uh, different. Posi #s was at a sports dome in Wilkes Barre, but that somehow made sense. This one was actually in some sort of a youth center. A Christian youth center no less. So it was not what I hoped it would be.


After that we slept at my homeboy Pancake’s house. Pancakes was the Motherfucking MAN. His grandma hooked us up with the illest breakfast I’ve seen in weeks.

And then we were off to Omaha, NE…


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