Dickbags Tour Update #5: Monday 6/20 1016pm

Hey fellas! We’re currently in Cincinnati which I think is Iriquois for “shithole.”. We were driving back to the show from dinner and saw an 8 yr old explode a firecracker in his own face by accident and just drop the the ground. Fortunately we had just enjoyed a round of Flirtini’s, so we were able to soldier through that tragedy.


I would say the biggest let down of the day was passing the Girls Gone Wild bus on the highway and NO ONE listening to me when I demanded we run them off the road so Mike and I could jump ship and continue on with them. Further shame mounting.


But like a true roaddawg, we soldiered on. Though we did make a point of requesting that the masses not push us any further, with some help from friend and confidant Mike Reiss.


I am currently wallowing in a hole of depression upon learning that there will be no Kentucky Moonshine tonight. But this frown had been turned upside down, because what is life if not adversity!

Ok but on a serious note, here’s my favorite bathroom graffiti of the day:



One Response to “Dickbags Tour Update #5: Monday 6/20 1016pm”

  1. PSY/OPSogist Says:

    A big thumbs up

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