Hi Friends, this is Mike. When I’m not co hosting Kissing Contest or generally being lazy, I like to make music mixes. I’m not a pro or anything but I guess some people think I’m prety alright at it. My new one is called THE INTERNET: SOUNDTRACK MP3 and I’d really appreciate it if you downloaded it. Here’s the download link and some more info from the official press release:


“This mix is a collection of retarded wacky nonsense that probably wouldn’t exist or at least wouldn’t be known about if it wasn’t for the internet. Since it’s the soundtrack to the internet, and the internet is all about one upsmanship and know-it-allism, i urge you to download this without looking at the tracklist so you can knowingly  smirk to yourself and pat yourself on the back when you know the names of all the tracks. Though the internet is also about spoiling the shit out of everything before it’s 3 seconds old, so if you simply must view the tracklist before downloading, i decided to post them in the most internet way i could think of, so i took an iphone pic of the tracklist, then filtered it through instagram then posted it to my photobucket, so fuck you heres the tracklist:

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