Mike Guest Hosted Junk Food Dinner

Junk Food Dinner is a sweet podcast that covers cult/weirdo/non-Ryan Reynolds movies.  It’s not a comedy podcast per se but it’s also not a straight news podcast like /film.  The content is always great and the hosts know their shit.  While it’s always worth checking out, this weeks episode is especially so, because or very own Macaroni Rascal Mike Dikk guest hosts w/ the JFD guys.  See all that info below.




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“Better late than never, right? Junk Food Dinner #45 is here at last!

This week we take it to the streets and learn to love ourselves through cold-blooded contract killing in Curtis Jackson’s (AKA: 50 Cent) Before I Self Destruct brought to us by our guest host/good sport Mike Dikk from Kissing Contest/Buncocky podcasts.

Up next, we totally body slam you from the top rope and (sort of) learn about the value of family in 1989’s postmodern WWF epic No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan and Tiny “Zeus” Lister.

Finally, we lose our heads (see what we did there?) over the kraut-rock themed, parade of badasses that is Master of the Flying Guillotine from 1975.

We’ve also got Nerd News, DVD releases, listener mail, and more!”

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