Now you can listen to Kissing Contest on Android/Google Listen

Okay so good friend of Matt & Sawyer and all around awesome guy Chris C. helped us out here and finally got Kissing Contest onto the Google Listen podcast directory for Android and other various smart phones. I’m going to copy and paste directly from the email that Chris sent us so I don’t inadvertently fuck it up.

“i finally got frustrated enough that i sat down and tried every possible podcast URL and eventually got google listen to set up the subscription. If you want to throw a little how-to on the kissing contest site for us Android phone users, attached are some screenshots. Here are the associated instructions:

Step 1. From the main menu, select “My Subscriptions” (picture 1)
Step 2. Select “Add Subscription”, enter “”, and hit OK. The search will bring up the Kissing Content results and allow you to subscribe to the podcast.

Hope this helps.”

Indeed it does.

ALSO, Chris sent us a bunch of screenshots to help any illiterate listeners out there.

So yeah BIG THANKS TO CHRIS, if you have any hints or suggestions on how things might run a little more smoothly, email us at

Mike, Sawyer and I are hitting up Atlantic City tonight with a sweet group of guys (not unlike John Travolta recent ski trip), Sawyer will probably die.


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