Kissing Contest Episode 19- Year End Review

YEAR END SPECIAL! We ran into a lot of difficulties, some technical, some from holiday partying, but the extra long year end wrap up is finally here. Best and worst movies and moments of the year along with TV and box office wrap ups and what we’re looking forward to in the future and how we’ll individually approach the apocalypse. Get at us at or

***we lost the original last 45 minutes of this show which is why its a week late. It’s hard for me to tell if the original last half or the new last half is better. I know the original featured more of me busting sawyer’s balls for hating women and the story Sawyer tells around the hour 30 mark that i don’t wanna spoil in the description had a much more genuine reaction from me since i had never heard it from before. The story alone is pretty must hear, and overall this is by far the best episode with the only one at the same level being the Sawyer on broadway episode I think. OH and not that anyone here needs more incentive to leave an itunes review but im throwing in a sealed AWWS ‘Truckstop Tapes’ CD (while supplies last) with the free DVD


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