Commercial Hate: Hyundai

Television commercials help to provide an opportunity for shows to segway into new scenes and create tension, drama, laughter and emphasis through extended pauses in action.  Commercials also provide an opportunity for viewers to relieve themselves and a platform for advertisers and marketing teams to display their unique brand of out-of-touch and general stupidity to the masses.  Here, we examine these few minutes closely.

In a normal week, I watch 4 – 5 television shows (Hoarders, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Intervention, Top Chef etc.) and sporting events.   Between working during the day, tutoring at night, and dvr I do not have a set television schedule which usually means I can gloss over commercials. That being said, I feel like I am exposed to these Hyundai commercials featuring something called “Pomplamoose” for about 30 minutes everyday.  I don’t know if these commercials are specifically targeted to the demographics of people who watch those shows alone, but I cannot for the life of me escape these commercials or that shit eating grin on the woman.

From the Hyundai youtube

“Jingle Bells” just got really cool. Again. Thanks to Pomplamoose and their Scrooge-busting VideoSong version of the classic holiday carol. Did Jack and Nataly have fun making this commercial for Hyundai? Let’s just say no one knew what the duo was going to do when the camera started rolling. Not even Jack and Nataly. What we did know was that it was going to be fun. Just like the 2010 Hyundai Elantra, the featured vehicle in this version of “Jingle Bells.” Check out all the great deals you can get during Hyundai Holidays — especially on the 2010 Elantra — at . Of course, you can also catch more Pomplamoose VideoSongs at… From Jack, Nataly and “… everyone at Hyundai, have a safe and happy holiday!”

First, this had to have been thought up in between shopping trips to the gap and anthropology in Hoboken, New Jersey.  I know where I stand: about 50% of my clothes are from J. Crew and Ralph Lauren, I listen to the Smiths and Camera Obscura extremely more than I should and I own every season of Seinfeld on DVD.  Yet, every time one of these television commercials show their face I worry the television screen will burn out because of how disgustingly WHITE it is.  Skinny guy with beard! Girl with bangs!  Is this Hyundai’s idea of fun? If so, no thanks.  I’d take a 40 minute lecture from a Lost fan explaining and analyzing the last episode than the automotive equivalent of these two mouth breathers as a part of my daily commute.  There is something genuinely haunting about Nataly’s smile throughout the commercial.  That is definitely the look of someone doing something so embarrassing on television and knowing they will regret it later.  Actually, her expression reminds me of the facial expression of Jennifer Connelly’s character as she enters the apartment to  perform lesbian sex acts for drugs in Requiem For A Dream.

The other thing is the description of this commercial from youtube.  “Let’s just say no one knew what the duo was going to do when the camera began rolling.”  Hmmm, yes no one could predict that the duo with a background in music would sing a holiday song for a holiday car commercial!  Anddddd, we would have never guessed that they would have played with the plastic candy canes and the Hyundai on set.  Who knew they would play with the props!  I seriously hate this commercial.

-Producer Frank


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