Why I Hate Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman

‘While You Were Sleeping’ is a Golden Globe nominated, 1995 film starring Sandra Bullock, Peter Gallagher and Bill Pullman. Below is the trailer.

The film takes place around Lucy (Sandra Bullock), who is a train ticket agent who watches the love-at-first-sight man of her dreams, Peter (Peter Gallagher) fall off of a subway track and become unconscious. After a series of lighthearted misadventures, Peter’s family thinks that Peter and Lucy are engaged. I’m not going to even both with the ending because it is IRRELEVANT to this post. I think Bill Pullman makes out with Lucy. Who cares?

Fast forward to an hour ago. I was headed on my way to tutor a student and my job route entailed taking the New York City Subway, specifically the G line from the Bedford-Nostrand stop. The Bedford-Nostrand subway stop has three rails split up by two platforms. I was already in a rush as I hustled down the stairs as I notice a group of people to my left. I look over and four people are looking down at what seems to be LESTER FREAMON LAYING DEAD ON THE TRAIN TRACK*. Moreover, he was LAYING ON THE THIRD RAIL, WHICH IS ELECTRIC. You know what did not happen next? No one fell in love with him. In fact I can give you a detailed description of what happened next.

First, I responded with next to no reaction, because I am like 97% of people in the world and do not perform well in life-or-death situations.

Next, a man jumped down to pick up the man laying on the tracks. The only thing resulting from this was the volunteer superhero wrestling the body of an unconscious man on tracks.

Eventually, a man and I flagged down the conductor on the next train, who signaled the MTA workers, who called the fire department and the NYC police department.

Then, both trains stopped with carloads full of passengers. From the kids gawking at the man, to people shouting “OH NO I AM NOT WATCHING A MAN GET RUN OVER BY A TRAIN” to people speculating and downright lying about what was going on when it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONES FACE I became frustrated with what was happening around me.

THEN, EVERYONE WAS COMPLAINING THAT THE SERVICE WORKERS WERE HELPING THE MAN AND THAT THE TRAIN WAS DELAYED. SERIOUSLY. People were mad that the police and fire department and MTA workers were upset with aiding a man who was knocked unconscious from a fall.

So to sum, fuck Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman.

*Note – Lester Freamon (Clark Peters) was not dead on the tracks, just a man who looked like him.



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