Shout out to Four Loko. A very dramatic movie news reading. Mike goes to the NYC Comic Con and Anime Festival and sees I spit On Your Grave in a theater alone and is red flagged as a creep for life because of it. Another controversial top 5 list. Our new Segment MOVIE HOSTAGE, formerly known as the segment where we pick a movie for each other to watch. email us at kissingcontest666@gmail.com or visit http://www.kissingcontestpodcast.com


And we’re on the social network as well- like us there too- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kissing-Contest/148385948515510?ref=ts

Oh and in case you didn’t read before, still plenty of free movies to be had if you leave us a review. Very simple- leave a 5 star review on iTunes, send your mailing address to kissingcontest666@gmail.com, and you’ll get a pretty sweet free DVD in the mail. No bullshit screeners or straight to DVD shit. So far movies that have gone out include: Bullit, A Fistful Of Dollars, Oz Season 3, High Tension, Richard Pryor Live! On The Sunset Strip, Dirty Dancing, Mystic River, and many more. For fucking FREE.

Also we’ve climbed up to #62 in the audio section of TV & Film podcasts on iTunes, and something like #186 including video. A solid 70% of our competition are podcasts made by robots that just recap Twilight Episodes or 30 minute ad’s for the Marmaduke movie, so this is really awesome. Thanks to everyone who listens, and keep telling other people to listen.


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